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Broadband that has to be streamed to be believed.

Broadband that does it all

Whatever your household needs, there’s enough LightSpeed to go around. Streaming, surfing, shopping – we’ve got you covered.
With packages from 150Mbps to our 2 Gigabit rocket-ship, LightSpeed brings online harmony to your home.

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Why pick LightSpeed?

It’s strong, stable and fast, 24/7

We don’t rely on national infrastructure

Fair prices that don’t change mid-contract

Friendly UK customer support

Customers love us. Ask Trustpilot.


LightSpeed Bundle
1 Gigabitupload & download
Only£46.00Per month
Fast, stable broadband
Award-winning home security
Free activation

Full Fibre Broadband Plans

The Essential
150 Mbpsupload & download
Only£24.99Per month
Fantastic value
Smooth, sure and stable
Streamlined browsing for life's essentials
Activation charges apply
The Fast five
500 Mbpsupload & download
Only£29.99Per month
Fast full fibre
Award-winning network
Seamless, reliable and rock-solid
Activation charges apply
The Millennium
1 Gigabitupload & download
Limited time offer
Was £39.99£0.99for first 6 months£34.99 / month after* Terms and conditions apply
Remaining 18 month at £34.99 a month
Monthly on a 24 month contract
Save up to £360
Free activation
The Ultimate
2 Gigabitupload & download
Only£64.99Per month
Mind-bending speed
Does it all and more
Activation charges apply

12 month plans are available, give us a call on 01775 830 075.

Design your own experience

All our broadband packages include a LightSpeed Hub, bristling with powerful Wi-Fi 6 tech. Plus our Nokia app means seamless network management, and easy parental controls.

The Add Ons

We want your broadband to be perfect for your home, we offer:

A range of award-winning, easy-to-install, connected home security packages.

A static IP address, perfect for remote work and online gaming, for just £6 per month.

Signal-extending Beacons from just £5 per month.

Digital voice packages, offering crystal clear sound from just £4.80 a month.


There’s traditional fibre. Then there’s full fibre.

Traditional fibre connects the exchange to your street using fibre cables, then copper cables to connect your home. Meaning there’s a fast part and a not-so-fast part to your broadband connection.

However, full fibre connects your home directly to the exchange, with no copper to slow things down. So you get to enjoy 100% of fibre’s incredible speed, stability, and quality.

In a few years the whole UK network will be full fibre. But why wait until then…?

Broadband benefits

High bandwidth. Incredibly fast and stable.

Phenomenal speed and a no-compromise experience.
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Contract buy-outs

LightSpeed doesn't hang around. Why should you?

Upload as fast as you download!

Symmetrical upload and download speeds.
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Transparent pricing

Never increased mid-contract.

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