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Give your landline the gift of LightSpeed.

Hear everything. Feel everything.

Switch your home landline number to Kit

LightSpeed full fibre broadband can upgrade your home in all kinds of wonderful ways. Including Digital Voice, our future-ready home phone service.
To bring our customers the best possible service, we’ve partnered with VoIP specialist KIT. They’re leaders in harnessing the power of digital technology to deliver better voice connectivity.  Digital Voice replaces your landline, offering richer, clearer sound, useful extra services, and welcome savings on your line rental. Want to keep your home phone and number too….? No problem.

Why switch to Digital Voice now?

Soon, all traditional landlines will be replaced. By late 2025, the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) will be phased out, replaced by a swifter, more resilient fibre optic alternative. Switch now and you can take control, and get upgraded ahead of schedule.

Switch to Digital Voice, click the link here.

Digital Voice Range

kit hub phone

KIT Virtual

Save monthly on rentalKIT virtual enables you to transfer your landline phone number to a virtual service that can be diverted directly to your UK mobile!
free to UK mobile numbers. Other numbers may vary depending on location.
kit hub 1


Save money on line rentalA smart but simple solution to enable your home phone to work over the internet in anticipation for the landline switch off in 2025
monthly +£25 delivery & activation fee
KIT is compatible with your existing home phone.
kit hub phone


Save money on line rentalEnjoy all the benefits of KIT features whilst also receiving unlimited UK mobile calls and our leading mobile app which enables you to make and receive calls from your mobile!
monthly +£25 delivery & activation fee
KIT can be used on any Android or IOS device.

Why does switching to Digital Voice now make even more sense?

Soon, everyone with a traditional landline will need a new one. The landscape of phone networks is shifting. Because by late 2025, the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) will be phased out, making way for a swifter, more resilient fiber optic alternative. Making the switch sooner rather than later lets you do it at your own pace, and get upgraded ahead of schedule.

Family Digital Voice

I already have LightSpeed broadband, and would love to add Digital Voice?

If you have LightSpeed broadband already, or you’ve ordered it, adding Digital Voice is simple.

Just pick one, order it, and our friendly, trusted partners KIT will take it from there.

If you've ordered LightSpeed broadband but haven't been connected yet, make sure you have your installation date handy. And here's one more tip for keeping household peace: please avoid canceling your existing service until you're successfully connected to LightSpeed.

Full fibre broadband and Digital Voice? Yes please. Let’s get started.

Step one

Pick your full fibre broadband package.

Step two

Then choose one of our great value Digital Voice packages.

Step three

That’s it. Life’s about to get whole lot faster.

Looking for help on Digital Voice?

Try these pages.

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Ready for LightSpeed Full Fibre?

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0800 229 4011
Monday to Friday 9am - 8pm
Weekend and bank holidays 9am - 5pm

To contact LightSpeed
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